Fragrance Oil Roller

Fragrance Oil Roller

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30 ml Roller Bottle

Product Description

Confident, unisex scent that is courageous and refreshing commanding attention. It pulls you in with its woodsy musk airy aroma.

Debonair man is quite the charmer, stylish and confident with a presence that lights up a room. Infused with nature and style, this masculine scent has notes of fig and tobacco that is sweet, green, organic, that exude positive energy.

Man: Brave, tart but sweet, crisp, fresh A trendy scent for a man, that enjoys cigars, bourbon, while exploring art, music, and culture. He’s charming, stylish, and adventurous. This fresh, sweet, woody fragrance is bold and crisp, with notes of tobacco and red currant.

Robust this guy is strong, healthy, and vigorously inclined with nature. Strength, growth, balance, and power. A refreshing scent of pine in the wilderness.

Fragrance last up to 12 hours.